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Not So Fast

Currently Realm does not support mobile.

Tokenized Assets

Realm as a DAO, will curate and own an array of tokenised, digital assets. Select assets can then be updated and transacted via votes and proposals.



GAT mark the first 10,000 playable avatars integrated into Realms ecosystem. GAT differ from traditional avatar models in that their metadata will be distributed across a public ledger, enabling permissionless trade and access.

Currently un-tokenised

Realm will operate using a DAO component controlled by users who own select amounts of REM tokens. The Realm DAO is responsible for governing various digital assets and functions to fund related community initiatives, experiences and rewards.

Resource Address

XRD, the integral currency of the Radix Public Ledger, serves as the backbone of the Realm DAO component. The Radix Ledger is important due to its novel architecture, which is being created to support unlimited transaction capability.

Resource Address